DART Wins order for Creatives in Court


By we, I mean US - Creators, Musicians, Artists, Songwriters, Rights Holders. 

To be specific, the Court ruled in favor of Dart being able to continue to pay Artists 100% of Royalties.  

I was confident this wouldn’t be a problem when we filed the motion to do so on day 1 of the bankruptcy. It had always been our business model from day 1 of the company, so surely this wouldn’t be a big deal.

Needless to say I was shocked when some of Dart’s note holders filed an objection to our motion to pay creators and rights holders. It did not make sense. Those who were objecting knew that to be our model when they asked if they could invest. They sat on the board when we approved the model. Some even worked in an operational role for Dart as we created marketing materials proclaiming the offering. Your Work, Your Reward was our motto. We even trademarked it. We still mean it!

Whether it made sense or not the objection was there and we had to address it (welcome to the world where anyone can sue or object for any reason and you must respond, regardless of the merit of a claim). This was the foundation of the company we were talking about. Whether in distribution or in metadata cleanup the vision remains the same - GET RIGHTS HOLDERS PAID. Bad data must not stand in the way of a Creator’s livelihood.

So, off to court we went. The note holder’s lawyer tried to punt, stating that it would be in everyone’s best interest to reschedule. I asked him if he planned to withdraw his objection to paying the creators? He said no, their motion stood. So I told him that we would stay until the judge heard our case.

And he did. Judge Mashburn heard the #truth and ruled in our favor. In favor of the Creatives and rights holders. 

It was a fight. It was expensive. It was needless (but all of this is needless). 

The last few weeks have been hard. Some of the most trying of my short existence on this planet. But today was a breath of fresh air. Wind in our sails to keep fighting. So keep that promise to yourself, to keep creating. To do that which you were created to do. Don’t stop! And I promise you, that we will not stop either. We will not stop fighting! The tide is changing. You are not alone.



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