Transparency and Dart

Company founded on principle of transparency becomes fully transparent and posts internal documents online for the whole world to see.

I’ve been in the music industry a long time. One thing we’ve always talked about is the need for transparency. 

DART was inspired by another company, Buffer (and a host of others), that puts everything online. Salaries, equity, revenue, everything they do is posted online. When I saw that, I thought to myself, ‘that’s what the music industry needs. We need somebody who is willing to do that, and then maybe other companies will follow.’

So we formed a company dedicated to building the tools for the music industry to become transparent, and in the process discovered that a need also exists for us to be fully transparent. 

Starting today, DART is putting everything online. Our salaries, our revenue, our equity, how we do business, why we do business. Even our current Chapter 11 reorganization will be done with full transparency.

We are posting everything right here on this website. And it all starts with a story that boils down to one simple point: the future of music is data. For those with nothing to hide, transparent data is the beginning of a new era of prosperity and innovation.

In that spirit, we are happy to announce that all of our data is now available for the world to see.

-Chris McMurtry, Founder and CEO, Dart