Sale Notice

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Tennessee has approved the sale of the assets of Dart Music, Inc. (“Dart”) at auction.  The primary assets for sale are Dart’s intellectual property, including the Dart name, branding, and proprietary company software.

The full details and procedures for this auction are outlined in the Court’s Order and accompanying Bid Procedures, which may be obtained by contacting Shane Ramsey, Esq. at Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough:

(615) 664-5355 *

The dates regarding the auction of Dart’s assets are:

Bid Deadline: Monday, May 22, 2017

Stalking Horse Deadline: Monday, May 22, 2017

Auction Date: Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Sale Hearing: Tuesday, June 6, 2017






The world is filled with broken metadata... 

dart is perfecting it.



Dart is building a metadata perfecting engine. Think of us as a cleaning crew for data.

The company is squarely pegged on the curiosity and intellect of its founder, Chris McMurtry, whose interest in the subject started while on tour 12 years ago. When he wasn’t composing or performing, cmac - as he is affectionately known, was reading The Computer Music Journal from the MIT Media Lab. On a day off in Boston, he dropped in on the Lab, and was introduced to Tristan Jehan, Ph.D., who along with never having anyone visit, later founded The Echo Nest, the music DNA company acquired by Spotifycmac was hooked, machine learning and metadata concepts were devoured as voraciously as the works of Beethoven, Pearl Jam, Penderecki, & Zeppelin.

From there, stints at Apple, Naxos, and his expanding composition chops led him to develop a solution for classical artists and labels who wanted digital distribution, but were struggling to meet the increasingly important and stringent Apple standards - like it or not, Apple is as close to a standard as the music biz is likely to arrive at in the near term.  In all that, Dart Music was born.  Incubated in the NEC’s Project Music accelerator, the company quickly raised $1.5MM and was off to the races.

In August, the company pivoted away from the digital distribution business, as it became obvious that music metadata was a much larger, hairier opportunity. In October, the first of several products was launched, DartCleanup® 1.0.  While still in beta, the company has secured contracts with Naxos, CD Baby, Ingram Content Group and a host of others under strict NDA. 52 million pieces of content, billions of dollars of income, and trillions of streams to consumers, a metadata nerd's paradise!


Got metadata problems? We are here to serve.




Chris McMurtry, Founder, CEO


David De Busk, Head of Biz Dev 

Steven Elliott, Tech & Ops



Jake Handy, Head of Metadata


Tom Griffey, Code Wrangler


Stephen Brady, Machine Learning


Tom Endres, Data Wrangler


Dart board

Chris McMurtry

Chris sits on the board to ensure the vision and mission of Dart is fulfilled. He also provides the board with necessary operational insight.

Joe Galante

Joe is the godfather of the Nashville music business, a true power broker. Along with investing in the company, Joe brings years of experience across the industry, a wide network and 40+ years of operational experience.

Mark Montgomery

Mark has led the charge to establish Nashville as a music tech hub globally over the past 10 years. Along with investing in the company, Mark brings 25 years of work in the digital space, multiple exits and a wide network.


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